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Det råder fortfarande totalt grill- och eldningsförbud i hela Västra Götalands län. Från och med den 14 augusti kl. 09.00 släpper Länsstyrelsen förbudet mot grillning på egen tomt. Det totala grill- och eldningsförbudet gäller därmed alla typer av grillar och bränslen på alla platser utanför egen tomt. Följ informationen om eldningsförbudet på Länsstyrelsens hemsida.länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Total ban on grilling and lighting fires in Västra Götaland. This includes all type of grills and fuels in all places. The ban do not include grilling in private gardens and back yards.

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Take advantage of the strengths of Ale's industry

Crafts, industrial technology and energy technology are some of the specific strengths of Ale's industry.

Ale has a long tradition of craftmanship. Here, the foundation for the governor houses in Gothenburg were built and later shopped on the River Göta to the city and out to the islands. Today, Ale's craftspeople are working across the Gothenburg region, with strong brands such as Legalett and Centrum Påle in various ways having refined and developed their construction technology in Ale.

Several major subcontractors to Volvo are based in Ale, which is just a 20 minutes' drive from the Torslanda plant. The strong industrial engineering brands here include Brogren Industries, Hamek AB, KSG and others.

With a history as the base of the Tudor battery factory, expertise in energy technology is huge in the municipality. The Ale-based companies in this field are KraftPowercon, Eurocable, Swansons Telemekanik, BS Elcontrol, ETC Battery amongst others. Other influential businesses in Ale are Akzo Nobel, Axel Christiernsson AB and Perstorp.

In the municipality there are also active business networks and an established form for networking events that guarantee that you, as a new entrepreneur in the municipality, quickly get the contacts you need.



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