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Voices of Ale's businesses

”That we have become a world-class energy company ith over 200 employees is partly due to our location and the business climate here in Ale. Thanks to he legacy of the old Tudor factory, there are very competent and careful staff available here.”
– Ranjit Jakkli, CEO, KraftPowercon Sweden AB

”My business grew rapidly from a hobby activity in my laundry room to having a turnover of 4 million Swedish krona. It was the perfect choice to establish my business in Älvängen in Ale, considering the affordable premises and logistical advantages of being near the hub of Gothenburg.”
– Jennifer Forsberg, founder of JFR Jewellery AB

”Since we, like other manufactures for the Aerospace industry, have strong connections in Gothenburg and Trollhättan, our location is optimal. Our situation in Älvängen in Ale, midway between two universities specialising i industrial technology, even helps our recruitment.”
– Borje Anderson Marten, CEO, Brogren Industries AB



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