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5 good reasons to set up in Ale

1. There are good opportunities to expand due to affordable space and low land prices.

2. Transport links are good by road, rail and water with several ports along the River Göta (ranked in first place for access to road networks, rail and air in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises' ranking, which was launched in May 2015).

3. A maximum four week wait to get a first meeting with the municipality's business department, where you can meet representatives of all state bodies.

4. 70 % of all customer issues to be resolved att first contact by 2018.

5. Building permits ready in 10 weeks.

"The journey towards a greater Ale has begun, and it has already seen great progress. Since we got Ale communter train and the new E 45 motorway, accessibility has increased dramatically; it takes just under 15 minutes to reach Ale on the train from the centre of Gothenburg."
- Magnus Blombergsson, City Architect in Ale municipality

"Ale has shown that it wants to listen seriously to the needs of business in order to grow and develop. The Business Council operates together with the business department to produce an ever-stronger climate for business."
- Helena Björklund, CEO Ale Veterinary Clinic; Chairman Ale Business Council



Per Brohagen

Diana Olsson Waage

Aida Karimli



Johan Norling

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Telefon: 0303-70 30 00

Kommunhus Nödinge
Ale torg 7, Nödinge

Ale kommun
449 80 Alafors

kl. 8.00-16.30

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