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In Ale your success matters

In Ale we organised an international snowboarding championship with
10,000 visitors without snow! Most would say that this would be
impossible, but not in Ale.

Ale has an industrial history and industrial communities are notorious for holding back exceptional people... but not in Ale! Only the finest qualities of the industrial heritage have been inherited. Here, we act together, even when everything seems impossible.

Businesses, associations and the municipality all work together to improve the business environment and put Ale firmly on the map. In Ale the municipality har given business real power, because it is business itself that recruits the business manager. Flexibility, good dialogue with the municipality and rapid feedback are all crucial for the business community here.

We are setting up for continued strong and rapid growth. Come and be part of us! Unleash your inner entrepreneur!



Per Brohagen

Diana Olsson Waage

Aida Karimli



Johan Norling

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